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Meet the MAPAS Board!

Week 6 of Winter quarter is prime time to share the faces behind this awesome organization (: 

First up, we have Carly, our favorite Chair of MAPAS. She is lively, energetic, and the heartbeat of every event and meeting! She sees the humanity in everyone, checking in often and supporting board members on our individual organization goals. After a fall quarter field trip, she is back and excited to create more opportunities for you.

Thank you Carly for being a part of the team for 2 years! 

p.s. check out her profile for her passionate relationships with rocks <3

pov: you are feeding 18 kids vegan camping food

On our 3 days 2 nights Introduction to Trailwork Conservation camping trip to Davy Brown in the Las Padres National Forest in collaboration with Promise Scholars, I had the opportunity to organize a completely vegan menu. 

The menu included tofu scramble avocado toast, loaded Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes, hearty breakfast burritos, BLTs, PB & J, lentil bolognese, and oatmeal. 


We purchased food in bulk at Cosco, our local Isla Vista Food Cooperative, and Albertsons. 

I encouraged our attendees to bring their own reusable mugs for tea and coffee, so we did not need to generate more waste.

Everyone was surprised by how delicious and filling all the meals were. One attendee even asked for the recipes. I strongly believe good, enriching food creates good memories and we left this trip with many!


Thank you everyone who attended our first event of 2022, and especially Becca for leading this introduction to bouldering session. An absolute success! 

Hearing our diverse members create conversation and support each other to tackle the more difficult climbs really shows what MAPAS is about. Especially when a member who has been trying the same challenge over and over again, finally grabs the top hold with two hands, the cheers from the members watching below is truly the most beautiful thunderous sound.

If anyone would like to collaborate and teach an introduction to outdoor recreation class for historically underprivileged communities, feel free to email us at! We are always looking for people who love to share their passion of outdoor recreation!


Content Creator

Pumpkin Scones 🥰

Scones are a tea’s best friend. I mass produced—as you can tell from the picture—and I can’t wait to indulge every morning. The glaze is ¼ cup brown sugar + ¼ cup coconut milk + 1 TB coconut milk + salt + vanilla extract on a pan on low heat until everything is homogenous. The topping is crushed @costco butter pecans. I can’t really taste the pumpkin, only the truckload of cinnamon I used to substitute all the spices I did not have. But delicious nevertheless. 

Can cinnamon replace nutmeg, ginger, clove and allspice for pumpkin recipes? 
Recipe by @foodnetwork 

Congee 湿饭

Stop making fried rice with your leftover rice and give some love to this shī fàn or juk. Congee is one of my favorite Chinese comfort foods, so easy to mass produce, so soft and mild perfect for the under the weather days. I remember my mom sitting my two sisters and me down and shoving a spoonful in our mouths one at time. I love eating my mom’s congee. It was a treasure hunt, looking for all the fun textures and bursts of flavors. I never successfully made congee with uncooked rice, so this is why you should- 

Recipe (I eyeballed everything) but here are the estimates: 
1 cup of old rice
3-4x the amount of water to rice (more water means more soupiness.)
I added a handful of chunkily-sliced mushrooms and kombu to the base. 
Bring to a roaring boil. I usually boil water in a kettle for faster cooking. Then let simmer until thicken. 

Season with: 
Mushroom bullion, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine.

Top with: 
Pickled veggies (I used daikon), marinated tofu, scallions, mashed kabocha, sliced combo, and steamed bok choy. 

But you can add any aromatics, or anything you like! 

Everything We Ate at Disneyland (plant-based edition)

My sisters go to Disneyland religiously, so when I joined them, they showed me their favorites!

We had mango dole whip with Tajin, spiced vegetable bao, blue milk, Felucian kefta & hummus garden spread, Mickey raspberry macaron, Mickey pretzel, blod orange slush, dill pickle, chips, EmergenC, and Mickey beignets.

Pro tip #1: Order food and drinks through the Disney app, so when we arrive, the food and drinks would be ready.

Pro tip #2: Some restaurants give out free water if you ask, so go to these places to save your money for other things!

Restaurant Review

The Heirloom Greek salad was a feast. The juiciest and most colorful heirloom tomatoes and bright cucumbers were chopped chunkily with crumbly feta, olives, thinly sliced bell peppers and onions. The feta was the mildest feta I ever had, which I absolutely prefer over the pungent ones I get from the store. The loudest flavor came from the olives, with their very classic perfume-y and sharp taste. I thought the dressing was light, slightly tangy and brought out the beautiful simplicity of the vegetables while also reducing the natural spiciness of the onions. Although the individual vegetables were impressively presented, overall, the vegetable ratio was the most disappointing — we would have appreciated more basil. 

Next, we ordered the Kebab Combo, which came with rice pilaf, fattoush salad, a generous scoop of toum and pita bread, as our entree. The toum was addicting and had the most perfect slap of garlic. The pita bread was more like pita chips  —  very crispy and dry. The Kebab Combo had the most succulent and tender meat that melted with every bite. I would love to enjoy this again. 


We ended the night by spending a hot minute deciding what dessert to get, but we ended up choosing both the gluten-free chocolate cake and the baklava. The chocolate cake was fudgy and served with a scoop of McConnell’s sweet cream ice cream, which had a bright, cold flavor that worked so well. But, the mint decor felt wasteful and did not really compliment the rich chocolate or creaminess of the ice cream.

Creative Nonfiction

Scallions — two inches snipped from a recent grocery haul — grow slowly, and when I would empty their water into the sink, there was a smell of savory with a subtle water rot. The roots were bloated; a translucent slime coated the tips. The leaves were wrinkled and hoarse. I imagined them praying for autumn rain, so I spritzed them and my dragon fruit, my tomato plant and my Food Bank sprouts. 

I chose to honor my scallions this way because as an Asian American, scallions are my salt and pepper. Mami taught me how to fold them into her scallion pancakes (resembling mo banh xeo with creamy coconut milk), beat them in eggs for flavor and sprinkle them in fried rice for an exciting crunch. Scallions always have a home in my family’s supermarket shopping cart.

Whenever Mami surprised me with a visit from Los Angeles, the four-for-a-dollar scallions and other Asian staples found a way into my fridge as well. I am thankful. Even with food stamps, I am hesitant to purchase scallions at the grocery stores in Santa Barbara, where each scallion costs a dollar. There is not enough demand or interest from the affluent, white community here, and compared to Los Angeles, there aren’t enough Asian communities. It is cheaper to wait for my mom’s visits or to regrow them with water.

Using the scallions that Mami once brought, a housemate made scallion pancakes on our kitchen island the length of a skee-ball machine. His recipe smacked of umami. He seared his scallions in oil before brushing his dough with this oil to form more flavorful flaky layers. We dipped our pancakes in hoisin sauce, a vegan sauce that usually accompanies seafood. 

Pizza Hut Taiwan launched a new pizza and fried chicken flavor made with durian, mango and cheese on June 21. 

The chefs over at Pizza Hut must have had a lot of creative freedom over the last year, previously releasing pizzas made with interesting combinations from oreos and popcorn chicken to dim sum and tartar sauce to pig’s intestines and pig’s blood

This time, Pizza Hut Taiwan created yet another intriguing combination of Thai Golden Pillow durian, Tainan Yujing Aiwen mango sauce and durian cheese for their unique “Dumans Shui Jinjin Pizza” or Durian Water Gold Pizza. 

Opening the pizza box enclosing Durian Water Gold Pizza, the pungent aroma of durian greets first. Large chunks of the fruit add creaminess and softness to the pizza’s otherwise standard base layer. The mango sauce introduces a sweet and tart taste to compliment the offensive, fruity flare of the durian. Small pieces of cheese molded in the shape of Pizza Hut logos and made with even more durian is topped on the pizza. Finally, shredded coconut is dusted on the crust for a refreshing taste from those last few bites. 

The quirky clash of flavors is sure to curate a distinctive tasting experience for your taste buds. 

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