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What to Bring on a Summer Backpacking Trip

It is currently raining in a wintery Santa Barbara, but somehow, the most perfect time to reminisce and reflect on my 2021 adventures. I am still processing my first backpacking trip last summer led by the Eastern Sierras Conservation Corps because nothing could describe how much the experience changed my life. ESCC created a safe space for five colorful women to explore Mammoth, passing the knowledge and the resources so we could one day do the same. I want to show my gratitude, by honoring the experience, immortalizing it in stories. The week-long adventure challenged me beyond mental and physical capacities. The great outdoors humbled me, taught me my strength and my voice. I could write cathedrals from that experience.

I want to thank Agnes, the founder of Eastern Sierras Conservation Corps, who conducted this beautiful trip; Lilia and Valerie for being the most compassionate and leading the trip; and Merly, Ginetta, Tommie, and Haley for joining me on such a wonderful adventure.

So first, this list.

This list is created on the reflection of what I had brought to the ESCC trip. I potentially may have overpacked before. There was a lot of unfinished food and a few items I used more lightly than others.

This list is more inclusive to people on plant-based diets. I was primarily consuming nuts and fruits, things I usually don't eat as plant-based, but I understand the value of these protein and caloric rich snacks.

A lot of the gear was thankfully provided by ESCC. Gear is expensive and I could not have afford to participate otherwise.

At the beginning, before we left on the backpacking trip, Lilia and Valerie went through every individual item with us. We wanted to minimize the weight of our backpacks, but we cannot under pack. Backpacking in the backcountry means there is no access to any grocery store. We could not afford to forget something. I want to show the deep consideration for every item, but I think it's more appropriate to let the list show you:


2 loose/sweat resistant shirts

sun guard long sleeve

2 shorts (one tight, one loose)

lightweight waterproof pant

lightweight rain jacket

Puffer (preferably with a compact storage pouch to double as a pillow)

2 sports bra

2 underwear

2 scrunchies

lightweight brush



pee bandana

3 wool socks

hiking boots

Teva sandals


backpacking backpack

tent with weather cover

sleeping pad

sleeping bag

2 canteens

hydration pack

water filter

backpacking stove

fuel canister


stainless steel pot




2 trekking poles

instant dry towel

solar power charger

power bank


paper map

first aid kit

  • ginger chews

  • Ibuprofen

  • Moleskins

  • bandages

bear can

4 instant coffee package

ziploc bag of vegan creamer

4 packages of herbal tea

4 packages of raspberry EmergenC

2 Soon ramen packages

2 freeze dried curries

instant cooked rice

instant quinoa mix

instant beans

2 Nature Bakery fig granola bar

2 Larabar Coconut Cream Pie granola bar

ziploc bag of sweet:

  • dried fruits

  • Skinny Dipped almonds

  • granola

  • hemp, chia, flax seeds

  • coconut flakes

  • cacao nibs

ziploc bag of savory:

  • peanut butter pretzel

  • unsalted nuts

  • veggie straws

  • dried edamame

  • roasted chickpeas

  • Sheng hot green peas

  • dried kale chips

  • dried mushroom

  • soy jerky

ziploc bag of nooch

3.4 fl oz Garnier micellar water

1.75 fl oz vaseline cocoa butter Healing Jelly

1.7 fl oz Versed Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen

eczema lotion

mini bamboo toothbrush

Lush toothy tabs

Feel free to reach out to me or ESCC for any questions! I am happy to pass on any knowledge I gained from this trip and please look forward for more stories from this trip!

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